Drake Says Rich Homie Quan's 'Type Of Way' Is 'The Song Of The Summer'

'I wish I would've written that record,' Drake tells MTV News.

It would be a shame to have every song out there sounding like "Drake featuring Drake," so the Toronto rapper is selective about who receives his prized verses. Migos got an extra boost with his addition to "Versace (remix)," but Drizzy admits that he regrets not hopping on Rich Home Quan's "Type of Way" as well.

The single was bubbling in Atlanta for a few months before it finally made its way into clubs from coast to coast, but Drake was a fan from the very beginning.

"I was sitting with DJ Drama and a bunch of people in the studio just debating about Atlanta records and when I heard 'Versace,' right away [I liked it]," Drake told MTV News. "Shout out to Rich Homie Quan too, he's killing it on his own, but it was a toss-up between Migos and Rich Home Quan as far as records I loved and wanted to get on. I was supposed to do 'Type of Way' [also] and I probably should've done them both but I've just been trying to finish this album."

"That record is the song of the summer, I regret not getting on it, but I feel like now if I get on it, people are gonna be like 'ah man you waited too long,'" he added. "I like to have the jump on it. I wish I would've written that record. That's Toronto talk -- you feel a type of way, that's our lingo, so I should've probably been involved in that."

Drake added that his rule for features, in general, simply depends on how well he vibes with the track. "As far as for people I don't know, I pick songs that I feel like I'll fit well on, or I have a flow for it. And then everybody else is just...I like organic things, things that come together. 'Jodeci Freestyle,' for example, even though it's my record, it only made sense to throw Cole on it because he's just so good at rap that I wanted to hear him rap on that beat."

Drake's third album, Nothing Was the Same, is out on September 17.

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