Here's What Went Down On The Very First Day Of 'Family Vacation'

Florida may not be 'overseas,' but it sure makes for a good time

It's true -- the Jersey Shore crew has been long overdue for a bona fide Family Vacation.

But on tonight's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the roommates, passports in hand, boarded a private jet en route to a mysterious location courtesy of one Mike Sorrentino.

"I've been wanting to travel overseas for about eight years now, and being on supervision has made that impossible," Mike said. "Now that I am off probation, the next logical vacation should be in international waters."

Too bad it wasn't -- but the gang is still having an epic time. Here are all the highlights after just one day of vaca:

There's a slight baggage 'situation'


Mike made sure he "packed for every situation there is," except for limited cargo room. A producer had to pull him aside and state that there wasn't enough room for the entire cast and his seven bags their luggage. As a result, Angelina's suitcases got sacrificed and had to ship via FedEx.

Big Daddy Sitch reveals the vacation destination


Welcome to...Florida?! No, Mike -- the Florida Keys are not Cuba, the Bahamas, or the Banana Republic, so everyone didn't need to bring their passports. See you soon, Snooki!

Zack plans the sweetest ceremony for JWOWW


Presenting Operation: Distract Jenni. The gang pulled out all the stops to keep JWOWW occupied so that Zack could plan a special promise ritual ceremony for his fiancée. Deena even downed tequila, while Vinny doled out awkward hugs. (Don't quit your stripper job, Vin.) It was all worth it though when Meilani walked her mom out onto the beach where Zack and Greyson were waiting. All the happy tears (!) when they presented her with an infinity bracelet to symbolize their unity as a forever family.

Meilani and Greyson tell Vinny what's up


Okay, you know it's tough when the kids have even taken notice of the keto guido's bad jokes solo status, informing him that he "needs to get a girlfriend." (We love you, Vin!)

Mike and Laurens celebrate a special anniversary


Pop the bubbly (and the Diet Coke)! The college sweethearts cemented their third wedding anniversary with an intimate picnic on the beach, complete with a heart-shaped pizza, chicken tendies (per special request), and Funfetti cupcakes. Oh, and a leather choker and chaps.

That was a lot to pack in (luggage pun intended) those first few hours of vaca! Stay tuned for more next Thursday at 8/7c.

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