Avril Lavigne Says The Nickelback Hate Is Just 'Not Cool'

Nickelback > Donald Trump, says Avril

A Public Policy Polling survey released on Tuesday (May 10) revealed that yes, Americans hate Donald Trump -- even more than they hate lice, root canals, jury duty, cockroaches, traffic jams, and Canadian rock band Nickelback.

Does Nickelback deserve to be grouped with such unfavorable things? According to widespread Internet attention (e.g., many memes and the pretty hilarious "graph" Vine), yes. But according to Avril Lavigne -- front man Chad Kroeger's ex-bae (or possibly current bae, despite their separation announcement in September), the hate toward the band is "extremely rude" and "uncalled for."

Avril, frustrated at the recent articles and continued jokes made about Nickelback, sent out a series of tweets defending the band on Thursday.

Well, she's not wrong.

In March, a research study done by University of Eastern Finland student Salli Anttonen explored why everyone apparently hates Nickelback so much. Anttonen sifted through reviews of the band from 2000 to 2014 and examined what critics thought of the band and found that, well, people just don't think they're genuine enough.

Sorry, Nickelback. At least you are more popular than Donald Trump, and my mom is still a fan. That's all that really matters.

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