'Rick And Morty' Season 4 Is Coming Back This May And Bringing The Chaos With It

Face-huggers, lightsaber battles, and samurai? Count us in

The boys are back in town, as the newest trailer for Rick and Morty Season 4 proclaims.

Yes, it's finally time for the last five episodes of the most current run to hit the airwaves as the popular Adult Swim series returns for a second run this May. And let me tell you, Rick and Morty fans, it looks like the team at Adult Swim certainly saved the best for last.

The short but incredibly sweet teaser that aired on April 1 (yet isn't part of any April Fool's Day celebrations) has just about anything a fan could want. It teases the return of Morty's old dog Snowball, futuristic samurai battles, and even a knock-down, drag-out battle between Summer and the traitorous Tammy, who you may recall ended up being something of a foil for Rick and his loved ones...all after making us believe she really had something with Bird Person! Honestly, there's a lot going on here.

Previously, the return of Season 4 in November 2019 marked the first set of new Rick and Morty episodes in two long years at that point. The first three seasons had been on repeat for quite some time, and fans were more than ready to devour a whole set of new storylines and hijinks. Now that we've all happily chowed down on the first half of Season 4, however, one has to wonder if it'll be another two long years between new episodes.

But we'd wait forever for a new season of Rick and Morty episodes, especially while we're all trying to come to terms with a new reality we've all been living through as of late due to complications brought on by the novel coronavirus. By the time May rolls around, we'll probably all be ready for a few laughs, the kind only a mad scientist and his grandson can provide.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Part 2 is set to air on May 3. Be sure to mark your calendars.

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