Ben Kingsley Takes Over Ryan Reynolds' Body In 'Self/Less' Trailer

Immortality has some side effects.

Sir Ben Kingsley takes over the body of Ryan Reynolds in the first trailer for Self/Less.

In the provocative psychological science fiction thriller, Kingsley plays a terminally ill billionaire who gambles for a chance at eternal life by undergoing a clandestine medical procedure to transfer his consciousness into Reynolds’ younger body— an “empty vessel.”

Not surprisingly, with Reynolds' looks (and his expert egg-cracking abilities), it’s all fun, games and women in the beginning for Kingsley, but then, things start to go really awry as the former’s previous life starts to come into focus.

“Immortality has some side effects,” says Matthew Goode’s character. “There is no science, no progress without sacrifice. I gave you what you wanted.”

Things turn deadly really quick, though, when the mystery surrounding the origin of Reynolds’ cadaver is uncovered and Goode’s shady organization does the unthinkable to protect its cause.

Self/Less is set to hit theaters on July 31, 2015.