Happy Tuesday, Here's A Video Of Ryan Reynolds Cracking Eggs Open With His Face

The yolk's on Ryan, and also on anyone standing too close to him.

The thing about a competition like this one, in which two grown men take turns crushing eggs against their heads to see which are hard-boiled and which are not, is that nobody really wins, per se.

Except us, of course, since we get to enjoy the spectacle of the whole thing without getting any egg on our pretty faces.

But Ryan Reynolds came pretty close to a perfect game of Egg Russian Roulette on "The Tonight Show" Monday (March 2), where he was making an appearance to promote "Woman in Gold." The actor managed to select the boiled (and therefore non-mess-making) egg a solid four times out of five.

And even then, he smashed it so neatly that we're kinda wondering if maybe he's played this game before. Is this how he and Blake Lively entertain themselves on Saturday nights while hanging out at home with their newborn baby? DISCUSS.