Fetty Wap Gets Emotional After Winning His First Award

Fetty Wap just won his first award and it means a lot to him.

If you feel like Fetty Wap just kind of blew up overnight, you wouldn't be too far off. Because "Trap Queen" has fast become the unofficial Song of Summer and earned him household name status almost overnight. He's basically the definition of a breakout star.

So now, Fetty is starting to get some of the officially official kinda recognition his can't-miss beat has earned.

Cable channel Music Choice awarded Fetty with the MC100 Award of 2015 for "Trap Queen." (Note: Despite its initial release in 2014, "Trap Queen" has gained new life in the new year, with the song peaking at #2 in the Billboard Hot 100.)

And in this video, captured by Music Choice, Fetty was super duper happy about his new decoration.

"This is actually my first award I ever won," Fetty said before getting visibly emotional and choking up to add, "I never won nothing in my life before." Aw.

While this might be Fetty's first trophy-style prize, the award is actually not the first recognition for Fetty. For example, earlier this year, he was named to XXL's Freshman list, a list of 10 rappers to look out for during the subsequent year. Past honorees include Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar, so it's definitely not for nothing.

Fetty, congrats. But we're pretty sure this won't be the only award you'll receive this year.

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