Watch Fetty Wap Choose His Favorite Queen

Fetty and Fall Out Boy will perform 'Trap Queen' at the Movie Awards on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Everyone has their own definition of "trap queen." For Fetty Wap, the up-and-coming rapper known for the viral song of the same name, "trap queen" means loyalty.

"Everything around me is based on loyalty," Fetty told MTV News when we caught up with him before his 2015 Movie Awards performance, set for Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. "You just gotta know that she's with you. ... Your trap queen's gonna hold you down. You don't have to second-guess her."

Fall Out Boy will join Fetty onstage tonight to perform "Trap Queen." It's the rapper's debut TV appearance, so, admittedly, it's a different audience than what he's used to.

"If you would've told me I was performing at any award shows a year or six months ago, I would've laughed laughed at them," he said. "I would've said 'thank you for believing in me.' I wouldn't have believed it though."

Fetty hadn't really been into FOB's music before -- he only heard it when he played Madden -- but Fall Out Boy approached him about doing something collaborative after they heard his song (while touring in Australia no less). They didn't meet until their Saturday rehearsal for their joint Movie Awards performance, where the guys will be backing Fetty and doubling up on vocals, he told us.

"People are gonna learn from me that I've very self-confident," Fetty said Sunday night's show. "I don't let nothing bring me down. I smile a lot. I been through a lot of bad things in my life. Now that I've got a chance to smile about things, I just don't stop smiling."

"For the people who don't know me, they're gonna know me."

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