Fall Out Boy Threaten To Define 'Truffle Butter' On Camera And It's Terrifying

Tune into their Movie Awards performance on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Fall Out Boy are going to take us into "Trap Queen" territory when they perform with Fetty Wap at the Movie Awards on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET, but for now, all they want to do is talk about truffle butter.

I'll wait while you look that up that very NSFW definition on Urban Dictionary.

The band is taking over Fetty's "Trap Queen," but when MTV News asked them to define what a trap queen actually was, Pete Wentz only wanted to work in a truffle butter reference -- much to Patrick Stump's disdain.

Joe Trohman says a "trap queen" is a "powerful woman," if you were wondering.

So how did Fall Out Boy and Fetty Wap get together to sing about trap queens in the first place?

"I think we were in Australia and I was playing ['Trap Queen'] for everybody," Wentz told us after their Movie Awards rehearsal on Saturday. "We reached out to him about maybe doing something collaborative. He was into it."

The guys told us that we can expect something a little "heavier," pulling influence from the Chicago punk scene they came up in. Come Sunday, they'll be embracing the open bar for famous people, and, despite being four of those famous people, they'll still be in shock that they're playing such a big award show.

"I think there's definitely like, some clerical error that gets Fall Out Boy onstage in front of Chris Pratt -- in front of people who are very good at what they do," Stump said. OK, so Pratt probably won't be there, but we get what he means: it's gonna be awesome.