Justin Bieber's First Album In Four Years, 'Changes', Will Be Out Next Month

He's also released a charming collaboration with Kehlani, 'Get Me'

The telegram has just come in, and it's official: February 14 is Biebventine's Day this year. Justin Bieber has announced that his fifth studio album, Changes, will be out on the one day of the year (save for anniversaries, of course) that's designed for fresh roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and candle-lit dinners at ridiculously expensive restaurants.

Along with this great news, the singer has blown a kiss to the world with his charming new single, "Get Me," that features an energized and lovestruck Kehlani. It's the perfect song to drop with the reveal of the album release date because it shows just what kind of lovely giddiness to expect upon it, especially since it continues the motif found on the heart-emoji-filled "Yummy" that dropped near the top of the new year.

Compatibility is the secret to long-lasting relationships. It outlasts the honeymoon phase when both partners are glued to each other's side. Once normalcy begins to sneak in and that new car smell wears off, it's what's under the hood that keeps the vehicle going.

"Get Me" is a stirring ode to this, to being tighter than a sailor's knot with someone who just understands Bieber. A minimalist, ready-to-dance-to beat jumps in the background as Bieber floats on a cloud of love, smiling as he thinks about his relationship. "Oh, out of this world, hands-on, baby, now you send me / Looking at the way we're blending in, you get me," he whisper-sings gently.

Kehlani comes in strong on the second verse and marvels at how close she is with her own partner, detailing exactly how she knows that they are meant to be. "Oh, there's so much chemistry / Like a chemist how you finishing my sentences," she carols into the sweet, rose-scented air. After wrapping up the verse, she intertwines her voice with Bieber's for one hell of a closeout, giving partners a lovely song to share together.

Bieber's new YouTube docu-series, Justin Bieber: Seasons, officially launched on January 27, and it has primed the world on how Bieber's return to music has been. After performing at Coachella with Ariana Grande, he was inspired to get the wheels churning on starting his fifth era.

Justin Bieber: Seasons doesn't reveal too much about Changes, other than the fact that he's still working with some of his closest collaborators like songwriter Poo Bear and producer/engineer Josh Goodwin. There are also a couple of quick previews of new songs including one possibly bilingual banger that could be called "Lo Bamba."

Take a listen to "Get Me" up above and learn about the realest romance that there is.

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