Beyoncé Interrupted Her Own Concert So One Of Her Dancers Could Put A Ring On It

During ‘Single Ladies,’ naturally

When it comes to love and marriage, the scriptures of Beyoncé are very clear: If you like it, you should put a ring on it.

One young man took Bey’s word to heart at her concert in St. Louis on Saturday (September 10) — with her help.

Beyoncé paused the show in the middle of “Single Ladies” to scan the audience and find a lucky “volunteer” to come up on stage. But the audience member she picked was hardly random. Beyoncé invited the boyfriend of one of her dancers, Ashley Everett, onstage so he could give a speech about how much he loved his GF — and then, obviously, get down on one knee about it.

Everett’s fiancé, John Silver, is originally from St. Louis, and the couple got to announce their engagement to a few thousand witnesses from his hometown. More importantly, they got engaged under the benevolent eye of Queen Bey, whose blessing is just about the highest honor a couple can receive.

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