'Sharknado 3' Is Coming To Destroy The East Coast

It'll make 'Jaws 3' look like 'Piranha 2'

If you're a fan of intentionally bad B-movies with random celebrities from the '90s and computer-generated sharks, this news is for you: "Sharknado 3" is coming, according to the movie's official Twitter account.

The first two "Sharknado" movies took place in Los Angeles and New York respectively (with the second one receiving its own video game adaptation), but apparently the third will be as sprawling as ever, encompassing the entirety of a most likely green-screened East Coast. Considering the specific callouts to DC and Orlando, I'd say that the White House and Disney World are not going to be particularly sharkless.

No D-listers looking for a paycheck casting news has been announced as of yet, though we hope that Tara Reid reprises her role as, err, "that woman played by Tara Reid" from the first two, but only if she wears her certified Sharknado perfume.

As for the plot? It hasn't been announced, but I'm going to guess it's about sharks who attack residents of the East Coast while traveling in some kind of super-twister.

We'll see how close that forecast is when "Sharknado 3" comes out in 2015.