Taylor Swift Finally Wrote The Happiest Love Song—But It's Not About Her

'The sound of actual love—true love. Through thick and thin, sickness and health love.'

Okay Swifties, you might want to sit down while you read this post because it gets really super personal, romantic and swoon-worthy. We got Taylor's partner-in-songwriting-crime Jack Antonoff to interview her for us yesterday (October 24) in Los Angeles about 1989—and the results are much more intimate and emotional given the close relationship the two already have.

I mean, they're close enough to act like total goofballs together:

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Are you ready for a majorly touching tidbit to be revealed? Good, because it involves Antonoff's long-time girlfriend and Swiftie pal Lena Dunham, who has already dubbed one of the tracks off 1989 as her "someday wedding song," but that's probably because Taylor wrote it about Lena and Jack's relationship.

"You guys are like the benchmark of actual, real true love," Taylor tells Jack, who manages to take it all in stride. Watch the two discuss the song below, which Jack wrote the music for and Taylor describes as the sound of "real love."

While Antonoff was working with Tay Tay on one of the songs off 1989, he didn't realize that he was closer to the heart of the song than just as a musical collaborator.

For "You Are In Love," Taylor used the relationship that Jack and Lena Dunham share as her inspiration to get all lovey dovey. But apparently, Lena didn't even know it was about her when she said that, and Jack only found out for himself yesterday.

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Okay so there's at least one happy song! Can we get the album yet?? Because some of us haven't found true love yet and that's a sound I really want to hear, like every single day. It's basically the anti-"Out Of The Woods" and that song is so fraught with pain that I'd love a happy antidote, thanks! She 'grammed some of the lyrics for the song earlier last week:

But if you consult the 1989 track list the song doesn't appear, because it's one of the three bonus tracks included on deluxe versions. Plan your purchase accordingly, Swifties.

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