Taylor Swift Wrote Lena Dunham's 'Someday Wedding Song': See The Lyrics

The 1989 bonus track lyrics are revealed.

Taylor Swift shared even more 1989 lyrics on Friday morning (October 17), as she has been in the days leading up to the release of her fifth album. But this time, there's a turn of adorable events. Lena Dunham tweeted that those words belong to her future wedding song.

Swift unveiled the lyrics to her bonus track -- "One night, he wakes/ Strange look on his face/ Pauses, then says/ 'You're my best friend'/ And you know what is was/ He is in love." The handwritten words sit atop a bed of roses, and there's not doubt that this is a love story.

In the wee hours of the morning (seriously, ladies, how do you stay awake?), BFF Lena tweeted, "my someday wedding song, as you know."

It's more than enough to fan-fictionalize Dunham's wedding with boyfriend Jack Antonoff, though Lena has said they won't wed until it is legal for her gay sister Grace to marry. Since Antonoff is a collaborator and bud of Taylor's (he co-wrote and produced "Out of the Woods"), I can imagine that T.S. would be on hand at the reception to sing that sucker live.

Fingers crossed for you guys!

1989 drops on October 27.