How Migos And Young Thug Influenced Atlanta's Latest Star, Lil Baby

Me and my dawg

You might not know the name Lil Baby yet, but there's a good chance you know his surging hit "My Dawg." Sung in an Auto-Tune warble, "My Dawg" is about ride-or-die friends and the trappings that come with being a rising star in your hometown. With over 10 million views on YouTube and placement on Spotify's influential playlist Rap Caviar, the 21-year-old has the potential to breakthrough in the same manner as his mentors, Migos and Young Thug. In an interview with MTV News, Lil Baby describes how he first learned the art of rapping.

"Naturally just me being in the studio I guess," said Baby. "Like I just picked [it] up. I been in the studio with Migos for weeks and weeks and Thug and weeks and weeks, not me rapping just hanging. But it's time where it just be me and them, so instead of us kicking it and talking, I'm ready to just sit down while they working."

Lil Baby continued his admiration for his famous mentors by stating, "The Migos, like anybody I ever been in the studio with, like an influence on my rap. I take this from him and him and him and, you know, put it with myself and make it work like that."

The Atlanta music scene is a phoenix consistently reinventing itself. Lil Baby is the latest prince in line, waiting to put his mark on the current geographical nexus of rap. According to Lil Baby, he always knew "My Dawg" was destined to be a hit: "I was telling people like 'My Dawg' gon' be the song that get me out there. I knew it." With that type of confidence "My Dawg" is only the beginning of his rise.

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