Katy Perry's Tour Will Be A 'Feast For Your Eyes'... And Your Instagram

'Less cartoony, but just as dynamic as always,' Perry compares her last tour to her upcoming one.

Katy Perry brought her very own candy land to life during her California Dreams World Tour, complete with blue wigs, pin-wheel dresses and "smell-o-vision." Now, she's putting the cotton candy in the past, and looking to change things up when she hits the road in support of her latest chart-topper, Prism.

On the red carpet of the 2013 MTV EMA, where she won the award for Best Female, Perry told MTV News that even though it will be different, it will be just as memorable.

"[It will be] less cartoony but just as dynamic as always," Perry said. "And it will be a feast for your eyes and for your Instagram."

But Perry may have already given her Katy Cats a tour sneak peek with her emotional performance of "Unconditionally" at the MTV EMA. Draped in a colorful robe, Perry turned herself into a human Maypole as dancers wove patterns beneath her. As the song reached its bridge, Perry was suspended high above the stage, belting the song to a crowd of spectators.

"It's a challenging performance; it's unlike any of the performances I've done before," Perry told MTV News on the EMA red carpet before the show. "It looks like I'm being abducted, basically ... and also there's a bit of a magic trick in it -- I'm not getting sawed in half, I'll do that later -- I'll be floating in space."

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