Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis Talk Starving, Bonding For 'Black Swan'

'Suddenly we were on set together in tutus, emaciated and tired,' Portman recalls of commiserating with co-star.

Much has been made of the sweaty sex scene in "Black Swan" between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, two longtime friends who had to strip down for some bumping-and-grinding in the name of art.

But let's be clear about one thing: It can hardly be said that the friends spent the entire shoot in lesbian-love mode (the [article id="1653266"]aforementioned scene[/article] was filmed in just one day). Rather, Portman and Kunis spent the majority of the production engaging in bonding of another kind: commiserating about how freaking hungry they were, as both women had to shed weight to play world-class ballerinas.

"Mila and I had had 'sweatpants nights' watching 'Top Chef,' and suddenly we were on set together in tutus, emaciated and tired," Portman told [article id="1653347"]MTV News at the "Black Swan" red-carpet[/article] premiere on Tuesday night.

So much for the glamorous life of a Hollywood actress. The process of losing the weight, which included a restrictive diet and hard-core dance training, took months -- both before and during the shoot. As Kunis put it, "It was months and months and I was always hungry."

But the friends got through it together, and afterward they gorged. "The second they were like, 'You can eat now,' I ate everything in two minutes," Kunis said, adding that her first post-"Black Swan" meal took place at an airport food court. "Panda Express at JFK. I'm a classy broad."

As physically demanding as the movie was, Portman told us that it brought the two of them closer.

"It's interesting always to see someone working who you only know socially," she said. "It's great to see someone do so beautifully in a work context after you know they're just a fun, cool person."

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