Even The Actor Who Plays Ramsay On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Hopes He Dies A ‘Nasty’ Death

Same, dude. Same.

For as many heroic, badass people there are on “Game of Thrones” (lookin’ at you, Arya Stark and Jon Snow), there are just as many slimy villains who shock us every week with their atrocious antics. Joffrey claimed the title of the cruelest dude in Westeros for a long time, but for the past couple seasons, Ramsey Bolton has undoubtedly snagged that distinction for himself, thanks to his sadistic torturing techniques.

In fact, Ramsey is such a jerk that even the real-life actor who portrays him, Iwan Rheon, admits he loves to hate him.

“No, there's absolutely nothing redeemable about Ramsey, which is crazy really, because surely everyone has at least one good point,” the actor said in an interview with Wales Online. “He's just bad to the bone - be it by nature or nurture. After all, he’s the illegitimate son of a lord and has always resented his lowly status, along with the fact that he's struggled to win acceptance from his father. But that's no excuse for how he is — he's just been left to his own devices for far, far too long.”

The 30-year-old Welsh actor also opened up about filming the show’s recent, controversial rape scene, which was met with a ton of backlash by some fans and critics who argued that it crossed the line.

“Of all the terrible things Ramsey’s done — and there have been loads — that was by far the hardest to shoot,” he said of the scene in which his character rapes Sansa Stark. “It was a horrible, horrendous thing to do, and I remember having a little moment in my trailer beforehand. I was like, ‘I’m not sure I can do this; actually, I really don’t want to do this.’ I was struggling, to be honest. But, in the end, I just had to pick myself up and get on with the job at hand — we both did, me and Sophie.”

Disturbing scenes like that are clearly the reason why so many viewers abhor Ramsey — and Rheon even counts himself as one of them. When asked about if and when he’ll be killed off the show, Rheon admitted he’d love to see Ramsey suffer a death that’s as cruel as he was in life.

“It could happen at any time. That’s the nature of the show — no one's really safe,” Rheon said. “But that day is definitely coming, no mistake about it. And I hope that when it does it's epically nasty, and preferably dragon-related. He needs to go out with the bang.”

Hmm... if Rheon’s gunning for a dragon-related death, he may have some waiting to do. After all, Daenerys Targaryen still has a lot of s--t to settle over in Meereen before she and her fire-breathing pets attempt to raid Winterfell.

In any case, Rheon does have one request for his character’s hopefully impending demise.

“God knows I don't want him to become a White Walker,” he said. “I’d hate to become a bloody zombie after all this.”

All we can say is: SAME, Iwan. No one wants this ugly “face” to be the last one they see before they bite it.