11 Former 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Who Are 'Done' After Last Night

And one who's holding out hope for a redemption.

If you haven't heard, "Game of Thrones" revealed a certain plot point last night (May 17) that has many fans of the show up in arms. And if you don't want to be spoiled for the most recent episode, you should stop reading right here.

In short: Sansa Stark was raped by Ramsay Bolton on their wedding night, while Theon Greyjoy was forced to watch.

With "Game of Thrones" having already weathered its share of criticism for the way it treats its female characters, this moment was a bridge too far for an awful lot of viewers -- and they weren't afraid to say so.

Below, we round up the tweets of fans who are just about ready to break up with the fantasy series over its treatment of poor, sweet Sansa.