Watch Audrina Patridge Transform Into 'X-Men' Mutant Mystique

In need of some Halloween inspiration? Look no further!

You won't find Audrina Patridge trick-or-treating in a sliced-up bedsheet this Halloween.

The former "Hills" star, who's documenting her American travels as part of NBC's "1st Look," spent Saturday night's episode exploring the big, wide, body-painted world of cosplay. And in the video below, she works with "Face Off" standout and professional makeup artist Cig Neutron to nail down the perfect look for San Diego Comic Con.

Adopting the role of a Trekkie or transforming into a Super Mario character isn't necessarily the route Audrina's looking to take, so when Cig suggests tackling "X-Men"'s feared Mystique, she's totally on board. And before long, the metamorphosis begins.

Strangely, Audrina observes that Mystique's fishy scales are super soft, but getting the character's kelly green contact lenses to stick is a bit hard. Either way, she's soon ready to hit the giant festival and Cig's work clearly pays off, because Audrina winds up looking like this:

NBC's 1st Look


Too late to exchange our ketchup bottle getup from Costume World?

+ Check out the full episode, tell us what you think of 'Drina's new look and let us know if you have any big plans for Friday night!

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