'Marry Me!': 'The Challenge''s Jordan And Tori Reflect On Their Epic Engagement

The future husband and wife opened up to MTV News about their historic 'War Of The Worlds 2' moment

Tori and Jordan began War of the Worlds 2 as boyfriend and girlfriend -- but will depart this game as Brits engaged!

During tonight's episode, the two-time Champion defeated Theo in the Proving Ground. And shortly after his big "Under the Hammer" W, he was asked by TJ if he wanted to be a Turncoat and follow in Tori's shoes. Jordan's answer started on course but then went in a completely unexpected direction and spawned arguably the most romantic moment in Challenge history.

"Almost nothing more would make me happier than going back to the U.S. and sabotaging every f*cking thing they do," Jordan stated (as seen in the video above). "You know what would make me happier? If Tori Deal would make me the happiest man in the world and marry me!"

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Tori was in complete shock and needed to be urged by Zach to "go down there" to be with Jordan.

"Yes!" she answered, as she extended her right hand for the ring (it's easy to mix up the proper placement in a moment like this!).

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CT, who has "seen a lot" through the years, admitted that he's never "witnessed anything like this."

And the Challenge legend is right: No one has ever popped the question on the long-running MTV series -- but Puck did say "I do" back on Battle of the Seasons in 2002 (when it was still referred to as Real World/Road Rules Challenge). And then there was Rogan saying he was ready to propose to Joss in this moment too (oh, #Jogan).

MTV News had a chance to catch up with the future husband and wife shortly after Jordan's popping of the question to discuss the goosebump-worthy scene. Read the Q&A below -- and be sure to keep watching the two as they go to battle against Team U.S. every Wednesday at 9/8c.

Did you expect Jordan’s proposal? When did you know he was the one?

Tori: He brought it up to me as a joke before the season started. I was like, 'You better not do that unless we win the final.' So, in my mind, there's a lingering chance because we had a conversation about it weeks before and how we wanted to be together forever. But, in my mind, I didn't think he would disrespect me and propose in the middle of the season -- because what if one of us goes home, and we look stupid!


I knew I loved him when we were flying to the Dirty XXX final. It was funny because we were watching Beauty and the Beast on the plane with the song [that goes], 'There must be something I hadn't seen before.' And I was thinking, 'This is so my life with him right now.' Since then, it spiraled to what it is now.

Which reaction to the proposal surprised you the most?

Tori: Cara Maria, for sure. I just feel like at some point in time, you put the game aside for real-life things. I heard she was calling it fake. I would never discredit someone else's relationship or love, and I would celebrate them no matter what.

Jordan: There was one person who did not come us and congratulate us, and that was Cara. The fact that you can't let love in and win for a second? I think it speaks a lot to her heart and soul. I mean, come on now. I got your man over here -- he literally voted me in an hour-and-a-half before, and he's congratulating me. And I thanked him for it.

When do you hope to get married?

Tori: Hopefully within the next year. Summer or fall.

If you had to pick only Challenge cast members to be a part of your wedding day, who would it be?

Tori: Probably the only girl would be Ashley Kelsey, because I love her. I think Zach would be on Jordan's side. I would obviously invite Jenna, Kailah, Camila, Leroy. We would invite a lot of people.

Jordan: Zach would be a groomsman, for sure. Frank [Sweeney]. Kyle, even though I just met him. He's such a good dude. To round it out, I would put Bananas in there. We've been through so much, and now we're such good friends.

Your ring holds a special significance. What is the backstory?

Tori: He asked my mom for it because this is the ring my dad gave to my mom. I didn't know that. When I was looking at rings -- every girl looks at rings -- this was literally the ring I was looking at. It's classic. I love it.

Which Challenge location would be the ideal honeymoon spot?

Tori: I can say never Thailand, because I can't even think about it. Maybe Spain. We loved it there when we went in as Mercernaries [on Vendettas]. We also really loved Argentina. Somewhere not tropical but where we can do adventurous things.

Jordan: Columbia was rad, Argentina was rad, but I think we might go to Spain. Tori and I had a couple of days to explore around. We went up the coast and had an amazing time.

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