• AshleyTeam U.S.

    6th Season: 2 Finals, 2 Wins -- The all-time leading "Challenge" money-winner, Ashley is back and hungry for more than just cash; she seeks redemption after getting sent home in the first elimination on "War of the Worlds." A fierce competitor and cunning game-player, Ashley has perpetrated some of the game's coldest moves -- even stealing half a million from her own partner. With such a devious reputation, it's no surprise Ashley enters the game with a perpetual target on her back. Will her team seek to harness her competitive spirit or send her packing early as continued punishment for past behavior?

  • Cara MariaTeam U.S.
    Cara Maria

    14th Season: 8 Finals, 2 Wins -- Hot off her fourth consecutive Finals appearance on "War of the Worlds," Cara Maria returns in search of a third championship that could set her apart as the greatest female Challenger ever. During her recent run of success, Cara Maria heavily leaned on intimidation and savvy politics to coast through games while hardly even sniffing elimination. Meanwhile, her ongoing relationship with Paulie has turned the two of them into an all-out power couple. As part of a stacked Team U.S., will Cara Maria be able to get along with her fellow Americans, or will her top dog status land her on the chopping block and put an end to her epic run?

  • FaithTeam U.S.

    2nd Season: 0 Finals -- Faith returns to the game looking to build from a solid rookie season on which she overcame long odds to put up an impressive showing. This military veteran could prove to be a major asset to the American side; she definitely knows a thing or two about working alongside her fellow countrymen. On the other hand, Faith is known to let her aggressive personality get the better of her and is no stranger to making enemies. Returning to the Challenge Compound, Faith will try to put the drama behind her and focus on her ultimate goal: securing enough money to reunite her family under one roof.

  • Johnny BananasTeam U.S.
    Johnny Bananas

    19th Season: 8 Finals, 6 Wins -- Bananas's sly politicking and athletic prowess once led to a run of success no other competitor has come close to matching. Of course, that was before he backstabbed, spurned and feuded with enough of his fellow Challengers to earn the game's biggest target on every season he plays. It doesn't help he says and does anything to get under the skin of his biggest rivals. With so many longstanding enemies, will Bananas be able to put the bad blood aside and work together with his fellow U.S. teammates, or will pettiness and distrust extend what has become the legend's longest Finals drought?

  • JordanTeam U.S.

    5th Season: 3 Finals, 2 Wins -- Making his long-awaited return to "The Challenge," Jordan is back and ready to pad his impressive resume, which includes first-place finishes in the last two seasons he played. A physical beast in challenges and eliminations, Jordan plays a fearless game, but his attitude sometimes rubs fellow competitors the wrong way. This time around, he'll have a built-in ally as he enters the Challenge Compound alongside long-term love Tori. Will the two dominant Veterans be able to control the game as a power couple, or will their intimidating status put targets on their backs?

  • JoshTeam U.S.

    2nd Season: 0 Finals -- The former "Big Brother" champion made a name for himself on "War of the Worlds" with an oversized personality and a fierce competitive spirit. Often underestimated, Josh impressed his fellow Challengers by demonstrating determination and heart. Of course, he tends to wear that heart on his sleeve, making him a magnet for explosive confrontations and in-house drama. Will Josh be able to harness his emotions and find success, or will his combativeness be his downfall?

  • KamTeam U.S.

    4th Season: 1 Final -- Queen Kam, Killer Kam, whatever you want to call her, this battle-tested Vet is not someone to mess with. Now, she's back and more determined than ever to lock down her first title. To do so, she'll have to forge her own path and likely make some new allies, but rest assured, this cunning strategist always has a plan up her sleeve. Of course, staying focused might be harder than she thinks with her ex Leroy around. After their romantic drama took Kam out of her best game on "War of the Worlds," she'll have to find a way to work alongside him on Team U.S. -- or do what she can to send him packing.

  • LaurelTeam U.S.

    6th Season: 4 Finals, 1 Win -- After an extended absence, this "Challenge" powerhouse is back and ready to return to the winner's circle. A former Division I athlete, Laurel has solidified her status as one of the most feared competitors "The Challenge" has ever seen with a 9-1 elimination record including victories over multiple all-time greats. Coming back after so much time off could prove difficult for Laurel because she has never played alongside the game's new international contingent. Additionally, she'll have to adjust to a reunion with former friend turned bitter rival Cara Maria. Will the two be able to put the past aside and work together, or will their feud threaten to destroy any hope of team unity?

  • LeroyTeam U.S.

    11th Season: 3 Finals -- Longtime fan favorite Leroy returns to "The Challenge" hoping that his 11th time will be the charm that leads to his first Finals victory. As a fearsome physical presence whose political game has often fallen short, Leroy may need to try a more aggressive strategy to finally reach the winner's circle, but, to do so, he'll have to work alongside former flame Kam, with whom he had a major falling out during "War of the Worlds." Will Leroy be able to put the past behind him and fully focus on his long-awaited goal of a first-place finish?

  • NanyTeam U.S.

    8th Season: 1 Final -- After a promising season on "War of the Worlds" ended in disappointment, Nany is back and more determined than ever to lock down her first "Challenge" title. To do so, she'll need to step up her political game -- which has often let her down in the past. As an experienced Vet and formidable competitor, Nany definitely has what it takes to make it far, but will her up-and-down history with big dogs like Cara Maria, Johnny Bananas and Turbo cause friction on her team and lead to yet another untimely departure?

  • PaulieTeam U.S.

    3rd Season: 1 Final -- The self-proclaimed "new blood" of "The Challenge," the fiery "Big Brother" alum Paulie has made a big impact on his first two seasons, making one Final and coming within an epic gas-out of a second. Shrewd and calculated in politicking, he will no doubt be looking to form some fast alliances and control the gameplay from day one. Paulie and long-term love interest Cara Maria have their sights on reaching the Final as a power couple and locking down Paulie's first-ever win. He promises there won't be any gassing out this time around.

  • ToriTeam U.S.

    3rd Season: 1 Final -- One-time Rookie of the Year Tori returns to the game looking to build off her impressive third-place showing from her debut season -- and this time, walk away a "Challenge" champion. A well-rounded player with a laid-back personality, she undoubtedly is a major asset for Team U.S. Tori and beau Jordan are two formidable competitors who could emerge as a dominant power couple; however, their daunting reputations could put early targets on their backs. Regardless, Tori will have to dig deep and play her own game if she hopes to make her way back to glory.

  • WesTeam U.S.

    12th Season: 5 Finals, 2 Wins -- Wes has made a name for himself as a political mastermind, orchestrating countless alliances and schemes en route to becoming one of the game's most dominant competitors. Of course, all his wheeling and dealing has gained him some major baggage as fellow Challengers have grown wise to Wes's manipulative ways. In particular, Wes's nemesis Bananas has sought to stay one step ahead of his rival at every opportunity, forcing Wes to step up his own game. With so many of his fellow competitors wary of his plotting, will Wes have to find a new strategy, or can he rally his fellow Americans to his side and maneuver his way to yet another Final?

  • ZachTeam U.S.

    9th Season: 3 Finals, 1 Win -- The gruff Veteran is back in the game and looking to return to his once winning ways after a disappointing showing on "War of the Worlds." A formidable athlete, Zach has proven himself to be a dominant force in challenges and eliminations -- provided he can keep his head in the game. Unfortunately, his carelessness with politics sometimes comes back to bite him, as does his insensitivity to his fellow competitors. With plenty of bad blood lingering between him and some of his Veteran teammates, it remains to be seen whether or not Zach can get his mind right, mend old wounds and return to being the dominant competitor of seasons past.

  • BearTeam U.K.

    2nd Season, 0 Finals -- One of the most brazen pot-stirrers "The Challenge" has ever seen, Bear returns to wreak his trademark brand of havoc on his fellow competitors. After a breakout season that saw him antagonize just about everyone in the house at one point or another, the "Big Brother" (U.K.) star may need to tone it down a notch if he hopes to get along with his team. He'll especially need to find out where things stand with fellow Brit Georgia given their rocky romantic past together but may find his eyes wandering toward a certain powerhouse Vet in the Compound. With so many nemeses lurking -- Wes, in particular -- Bear would do well to stay under the radar, but as we saw last season, that's just not his style.

  • EstherTeam U.K.

    Rookie -- As a Rookie member of Team U.K., Esther is sure to make plenty of waves around the house this season. This outspoken newbie isn't unafraid to tell it like it is and be herself. Nevertheless, Esther may have to learn to hold her tongue if she hopes to make it far in the game. As a single mother, she has plenty of motivation to win money for her daughter, and she's as determined as anyone to keep her eyes on the prize and help her team to victory.

  • GeorgiaTeam U.K.

    2nd Season: 1 Final -- The last time we saw Georgia, she was speeding through the desert in the back of an ambulance after passing out from dehydration during the grueling "War of the Worlds" Final. Fortunately, she recovered and now returns looking to redeem herself and achieve "Challenge" glory. Her Rookie season featured an array of ups and downs, from epic elimination victories to a rollercoaster relationship with Bear that left her in tears on more than one occasion. With the former lovers returning on uncertain terms, Georgia will have to make sure their drama doesn't get in the way of Team U.K.'s success.

  • IdrisTeam U.K.

    Rookie -- Idris will be a force to be reckoned with due to his raw athleticism. The professional boxer and "Love Island" alum joins Team U.K. as a Rookie hoping his discipline and physical abilities will translate well to both daily challenges and eliminations. Idris will not be one to take his eyes off the prize as he hopes to win enough money to help support his mother, a deeply personal motivation that will not allow him to quit.

  • JennyTeam U.K.

    Rookie -- When it comes to intimidating Rookie Challengers, Jenny may be at the top of her class. The bodybuilder, personal trainer and "Survival of the Fittest" alum is an all-out physical beast who enters this season looking to dominate her competition. Of course, there's more to "The Challenge" than just raw athleticism, and Jenny will have to navigate the social aspect of the game if she hopes to make it far. If she can maintain competitive focus, Jenny may be one of the biggest threats to emerge victorious on her first season.

  • JossTeam U.K.

    3rd Season: 1 Final -- This chiseled British charmer returns to the game eager to improve on his showing on "Final Reckoning," when he came agonizingly close to victory only to leave empty-handed. Devastated by the loss, Joss is more determined than ever to walk away with some money for his family. Fortunately, he'll be joined in the game by his best friend Rogan and close ally Kayleigh. Even with those two at his side, Joss will have to rely on more than just charm if he hopes to avoid elimination and make it all the way back to the Final.

  • KayleighTeam U.K.

    3rd Season: 0 Finals -- After taking a season off, this brash Brit comes back to "The Challenge" unafraid to stir the pot and speak her mind. She's a savvy social player who has learned much from close friend Kam, so look for Kayleigh to be the one pulling the strings when it comes to Team U.K. Even though drama always seems to find her, Kayleigh is determined not to let it get in the way of her game. If she can keep her wits about her, she has a very good shot at reaching her first Final.

  • KyleTeam U.K.

    4th Season: 1 Final -- The fun-loving "Geordie Shore" export is back to stir up trouble. This time around, Kyle will have plenty to overcome if he hopes to make it to his first Final since his Rookie season. With exes and enemies galore, he is sure to have more than a few targets on his back. More importantly, Kyle will have to figure out how to fit in with his U.K. teammates, having previously aligned himself against them -- even calling himself an "honorary American." Will Kyle be able to work alongside the countrymen he spurned, or will his betrayal make him an early candidate for the chopping block?

  • NicoleTeam U.K.

    Rookie -- If her time on "Ex on the Beach" is any indication, Nicole will be an explosive Rookie addition to Team U.K. This Londoner is hypercompetitive, confrontational and absolutely knows how to get down. Nicole has her eyes set on winning money to help take care of her family. Fortunately, she enters the game alongside her best friend Georgia, but she will have to make a good impression on the rest of her U.K. team if she hopes to stick around long-term.

  • RoganTeam U.K.

    2nd Season: 0 Finals -- "Challenge" fans may remember Rogan as the burly Brit forced to bow out early on "Vendettas" due to a back injury. Disappointed by his poor showing, this "Ex on the Beach" alum returns to prove he has what it takes to make it deeper into the game. Fortunately for Rogan, he'll have some friendly faces joining him in the house -- in particular, his best mate Joss. As a newly single man, Rogan will also be on the lookout for more than just alliances and could find himself enticed by a certain charmer. Still, Rogan will have to be strategic about his relationships if he hopes to make it further than he did last time around.

  • SeanTeam U.K.

    Rookie -- A fiercely competitive fitness freak with a military upbringing, Sean will be a formidable weapon for Team U.K. As a winner of the U.K. competition series "Shipwrecked," he's already proven himself capable of working alongside teammates to come out on top. With his sights set on taking down some "Challenge" alpha dogs, he will have plenty of chances to prove himself, but as a Rookie, he will need to show he's more than just talk.

  • TheoTeam U.K.

    2nd Season: 1 Final -- As a standout Rookie competitor, this former U.K. track star powered his way to an impressive second-place finish on "War of the Worlds." Dissatisfied with silver, Theo is back to go for the gold. This time, he may find it more of a challenge, as he no longer has a top Veteran partner (Cara Maria) at his side. Perhaps Theo's biggest liability is his mouth, which tends to get him into trouble with friends and foes alike. Will the cheeky Brit be able to keep his trash-talking in check and let his athleticism do the talking, or will his button-pressing ways threaten any hope of unifying with his team?

  • Tula "Big T"Team U.K.
    Tula "Big T"

    Rookie -- Despite her nickname, Big T may not be the most physically imposing competitor, but she more than makes up for it with mental prowess and determination. Born in Malawi and raised in London, she overcame a challenging upbringing that left her thick-skinned and unafraid to stand up for herself no matter what. She will have to summon that drive if she hopes to make it far on "The Challenge." As a Rookie, she has a long road ahead of her and will have to make some allies fast if she wants to survive.

  • ZahidaTeam U.K.

    2nd Season: 0 Finals - "Little Zahida from Newcastle" made quite a splash in her debut season as half of the pair that sent home the legendary Johnny Bananas in elimination. Although her game didn't last much longer after that, the outgoing Brit endeared herself to her housemates with her fun-loving spirit and proved a surprisingly adept performer in challenges. With a little experience under her belt, this enthusiastic sophomore hopes to build off last season and maybe even take down some more of the game's top dogs along the way.

  • CTReinforcement

    16th Season: 7 Finals, 2 Wins -- At the peak of his powers, CT was perhaps as feared a competitor as "The Challenge" has ever seen. Nowadays, the savvy schemer lets his intimidating reputation speak for itself while doing his best to play the middle politically. Still, don't be fooled into thinking that neutrality makes him any less of a threat. Despite disappointing showings in his last two outings, CT is back to regain his glory and remind both Rookies and Vets why he deserves their respect.

  • NinjaReinforcement

    2nd Season: 1 Final -- After a dominating Rookie season on which she became one of only four competitors to reach the end of the Finals -- but the only one to leave empty-handed -- the former "American Ninja Warrior" standout is back and looking to join the winner's circle. A daunting athletic specimen with a degree in neuroscience to boot, Ninja managed to shine in both physical and mental aspects of the game. As a fiercely independent competitor, it will be interesting to see how Ninja gets along with a team.

  • TurboReinforcement

    2nd Season: 1 Final, 1 Win -- Turbo makes his immediate return to wreak havoc as a Reinforcement after becoming the first solo Rookie winner on "War of the Worlds." The two-time "Survivor Turkey" champion proved himself to be an intimidating presence from the start, and his physical domination helped him breeze through the game and overcome the most grueling Final "The Challenge" has ever seen. Known for his utter fearlessness and devotion to competition, Turbo's Achilles heel may be his notorious stubbornness and temper. Regardless of his team, Turbo will have to contend with being a massive target as he looks to lock down unprecedented back-to-back titles.