Kellan Lutz Compares 'Twilight' And 'Expendables' Comic-Con Fans

Just because putting him on the spot is fun.

reporting by Josh Horowitz

With so many similarities between them, like how they both star Kellan Lutz and... we'll get back to you when we think of the others, we just had to ask "Expendables 3" and "Twilight" hunk Kellan Lutz, "what's the difference?" (Well, in terms of their San Diego Comic-Con fans, that is.)

"It's so different being here with 'Expendables' than with 'Twilight,'" he told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "'Twilight' was just a monster in its own. The fans were intense in the best ways for that. I think being a part of this ['Expendables'] franchise with all these guys, it's a different breed of fans."

We believe you, Kel-Kel. Find out what else he had to say about working with bulky dudes instead of R-Patz below!

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