Comic-Con Gets Colorful With These Exclusive ‘Expendables 3′ Posters

Prepare for World Warhol III.

The third film in the “Expendables” franchise promises to expand its cast even further — and make things even more colorful than ever before.

Lionsgate has released a bunch of new posters for the “Expendables 3,” featuring the cast members dolled up with Andy Warhol inspired colors. MTV can exclusively reveal four posters featuring returning “Expendables” veteran Jet Li, along with franchise newcomers Antonio Banderas, Kellan Lutz and Harrison Ford. Check ‘em all out below:

Antonio Banderas


Reteaming with his “Assassins” co-star Sylvester Stallone, playing a Spanish Armed Forces veteran named Galgo.

Harrison Ford

EX3_1Sht_CC_Warhol_16Up_FM_Ford Lionsgate

The once and future Han Solo plays Max Drummer, a pilot who helps steer the Expendables squad forward.

Kellan Lutz


The “Twilight” veteran joins the cast as John Smilee, leader of a group of young mercs introduced in the new film.

Jet Li


Returning as Yin Yang, featured prominently in the first “Expendables,” and seen briefly in the sequel.

And Here’s The Full Cast


That’s a whole lot of muscle.

“The Expendables 3″ hits theaters on August 15.

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