Chris Martin Wants To Open A Barbershop Called ‘Hairy Styles’

But Harry won't call him back. ?

Coldplay have a lot to celebrate these days, with the release of their new album on Friday (Dec. 4) and the announcement that they’re headlining the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

But there’s one dream in Chris Martin’s Head Full Of Dreams that’s sadly fallen by the wayside: going into business with Harry Styles.

While promoting their new album on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday, Martin and bandmate Jonny Buckland politely corrected DeGeneres when she called them “the biggest band in the world.”

“We’re not from One Direction,” Martin told her. “Everyone does this — they confuse us, they say, ‘You’re the biggest band in the world. How’s Harry [Styles]? How’s everyone?’”

Martin did concede, though, that he’s quite charmed by the newly-tattooed Styles — even if his calls to him go unreturned.

“I’m a big fan of Harry’s, yeah. He’s lovely,” Martin said. “I wanted to open a barbershop with him called Hairy Styles, but he wouldn’t… He doesn’t call me back.”

There’s no bad blood here, though — Martin insists they’re still Directioners at heart.

“We love those guys,” he said. “But we’re from a different band… we’re from Old Kids On The Block.”