G-Eazy, Blueface, YG, And Allblack Show Love To California In 'West Coast' Video

Enjoy the sun-soaked Golden State in black and white

G-Eazy wanted to spill about his love for California, so that's exactly what he did with the dance-inspiring, homeland-admiring "West Coast." When he released the track last month, it only featured the "Thotiana" rapper Blueface. Now, G-Eazy has dropped the official visual with an expanded roster of Blueface, YG, and ALLBLACK. This dancing energy has been expanded immensely; you'll be bopping with a red cup in your hand by the time that the video is over. (Don't ask — the cup just materializes in your hand about halfway through.)

Ah, the sweet views of California. "West Coast" does a great job of showing the beauty of palm trees and packed residential streets. Of course, there are your lavish cars and stuffed bundles of money that make you salivate like the steam wafting from a fresh, medium-rare steak, but the real beauty lies in the landscape. The California Republic flag billows in the soft winds of early morning. The sky is vast, cloudless, and inviting. And it's all shot in black-and-white too, so it almost feels like looking at one of the liveliest noir films in movie history.

Each of the four rappers rules a quadrant of the video with their charm. G-Eazy's a slinky, straight-faced lyricist that smirks as he raps about his respect for his domain as well as brags about a few choice business moves. Blueface is the West Coast, according to his bars. His wide grin and all-teeth smile are the real deal. ALLBLACK is a little looser and rougher with his Reverse-Flash-like flows, moving quickly like a bull in a porcelain shop while maintaining a straight face. He's cooler, calmer. YG's tiny shades and cartoonish fashion sense make him a magnet for the eyes. But his charisma translates beautifully, rounding up the balanced cast.

G-Eazy released his last studio album The Beautiful & Damned in 2017. He performed at the 2018 SnowGlobe Music Festival alongside artists such as Rae Sremmurd, Goldlink, Tyga, and more.

Take a look at the video's bursting neon lights up above.