'22 Jump Street' Directors Think Marvel Should 'Abandon Ship' On 'Ant-Man'

Fan favorite duo won't take on Marvel's size-changing hero.

Ever since writer/director Edgar Wright exited Marvel's "Ant-Man," leaving the project he'd been stewarding for nearly a decade, fans have been wondering who the studio would pick to take the reigns on the size-changing hero.

Top of that list? "22 Jump Street" directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who have proved time and again that they have a handle on a perfect mix of action, comedy and ingenuity that puts them in the rare air also occupied by Wright.

The only problem, as MTV News found out when we caught up with the duo at the "22 Jump Street" junket, is there's no way they would ever do the movie.

"It seems like a tough person's shoes to step into, you know what I mean?" Miller said on the prospect. "It's tough to have that as the specter hanging over, what would have been, and what could have been. It seems kind of tough."

Well, just because something is tough doesn't mean you can't take on the challenge, right?

"We're fans and buddies of Edgar, so…" Miller continued.

"It would be like Spielberg making 'A.I.' It's like, I don't know what to do with it," Lord added on the prospect. "This guy's a genius, I feel strange."

Okay, fine, so Lord and Miller won't follow up a successful run on "The Lego Movie" and the upcoming (hilarious) "22 Jump Street" by jumping into Marvel's pool for the still scheduled for 2015 "Ant-Man." Then who should take over the production, according to the duo?

"A logical choice would be Edgar Wright… To finish an Edgar Wright film," Lord said, laughing. "I mean, Joe Cornish, that would make a lot of sense. Or if they, like, decided to abandon ship and try again years from now it would make more sense."

Sense or not, reports still say that Marvel is full steam ahead on the project; it just won't be with Lord and Miller behind the wheel.

You can check out Lord and Miller's "22 Jump Street" in theaters on June 13.

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