Can Jordan Recover From His Infamous ' Challenge' Jab?

The champ took it too far during tonight's episode

Jordan may have won the latest elimination game in The Presidio, but where the rest of The Challenge house is concerned, he’s a lost cause.

On tonight’s episode, an otherwise jovial night out at the bar took a nosedive when the group started an innocent rap battle in the bus back home. Dario took some funny jabs at Tony and Ammo took a harmless swipe at Jordan. But when it came time for the Battle of the Exes 2 winner to sound off, the tone of the game changed.

Jemmye, why you coming at me with that bass? You got that f------ Down syndrome face,” Jordan said.

Immediately, the group fell silent, and mouths fell. The mood didn’t improve back at the house, either, where Jemmye broke out in tears and the game’s women began to assail Jordan, who had already begun earning a reputation as Mister Condescension.

“It caught me off guard,” Jem said. “He has crossed a line that you should never cross, period...He’s a s----- person, he’s always been a s----- person.”


Aneesa was particularly disturbed by the comment, and pointed out that, with Jordan’s physical handicap concerned (he was born missing fingers on one hand), he should have been especially sensitive to a condition that can’t be changed.

“It’s not embarrassing for you, it should be embarrassing for him, for being such a disgusting human being,” she said to Jemmye before setting her sights on Jordan.

“You can nod your head with your pretentious bulls---, you feel so f------ entitled,” she said. “It’s not okay. You wanna make fun of disabled people? Please, Jordan, you should be an advocate.”

Even after a night’s sleep, the mood in the house didn’t change, and Jordan paid the piper at the nomination ceremony, where the day’s winners unanimously nominated him to compete in the next elimination round.

“I’m filled with this sense of regret,” Jordan said. “Jemmye and I are very close, and I know about being different and discriminated against…I was absolutely wrong.”


And while Jemmye ultimately forgave Jordan, there was still tension in The Presidio, where Jordan squared off against Ammo in “Striptease,” which challenged players to tear patches off of each other while blindfolded. Jordan ultimately won the hard-fought battle, but knew his remaining Challenge path was uphill.

“I am incredibly lucky that [Jemmye] can see past my stupidity,” he said. “I’m gonna get back to the house and get my head on straight.”

But will he? And is his resolve enough to keep him secure? Tell us what you think, and see if he can land on his feet when The Challenge returns Tuesday night at 10/9c (new and permanent time).

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