• AmandaCast Member

    Self-proclaimed pop-off queen Amanda has never been shy about letting her voice be heard -- just look back at her Are You the One? and Challenge tenures. For example, during Invasion of the Champions, Amanda wasn’t afraid to fuel a rumor that Jenna and Bruno hooked up on the plane to Thailand (and then acted like she had nothing to do with starting the fabricated tale). One thing is for certain: Amanda will be the last person to back down from a fight on Dirty 30.

  • AmmoCast Member

    Ammo (aka Chris from Real World: Go Big or Go Home) earned his “dirty” stripes when he leaked (during filming) a fellow cast member spouting off racist remarks. Instead of taking responsibility, he sat by quietly and acted innocent while another roommate (Dirty 30 competitor Kailah) took the heat. Don’t let Ammo’s outer demeanor fool you -- he’s smart and shady.

  • AneesaCast Member

    Challenge veteran Aneesa is no stranger to drama and dirty play. On Rivals, she wasted no time by saying both Laurel and Cara Maria’s names in deliberations for the first elimination, and on Rivals II, a pretty nasty scuffle erupted when Trishelle provoked her.

  • Ashley MCast Member
    Ashley M

    The newest Challenge gold medalist was able to conquer Underdogs and Champions. Along the way to her first victory, Ashley M showed she is loud and unapologetic, and knows just when to turn on the drama to get what she wants. On Invasion of the Champions, the Real World: Ex-Plosion roommate revealed her inner shiftiness when she solidified her win by leaving her fellow Underdogs literally hanging in the very first challenge. Now, will her penchant for being a loose canon cause a Challenge explosion on whoever dares tempt her?

  • BananasCast Member

    The most decorated Challenge champion always finds a way to use his mastery in "shady" to get the ultimate payback. The most well-known anecdote from the six-time victor's run: After getting burned by Sarah on Battle of the Exes 2 and being subsequent partners on Rivals III, Bananas made the most devious and dirty move in Challenge history when he took all of the winnings from their No. 1 finish -- and left his partner with $0. Will Bananas be able to top this unprecedented dirty move during this historic season?

  • BrianaCast Member

    Briana, known for being blunt, isn’t afraid to speak out when she needs to—even if it’s about one of her friends. Her smack talk caught up to her when, on Rivals III,Briana’s best friend in the house found out that she was trashing him behind his back. After having to leave the show because her rival was homesick, Briana is ready than ever to come back and take on any and all Challengers she comes across. Friends and foes beware.

  • BritniCast Member

    This Are You the One? Season 3 export was never one to fly under the radar. From calling people out at the matchup or flirting with people she shouldn’t, Britni made no apologies for being blunt. Although she may be hypocritical when it comes to game play, she isn’t afraid of other people seeing her dirty deeds -- even if that includes intentionally flirting with someone she knows is out of bounds.

  • CTCast Member

    CT is undeniably The Challenge’s number-one bad boy, with seasons worth of arguments under his belt. From being disqualified in the middle of an elimination (The Duel) to getting sent home for fighting (The Duel II), CT is still as dirty as ever. The Invasion of the Champions gold medalist insists he has changed through the years -- but will his past tendencies to throw down emerge because he's surrounded by all of these (fellow) dirty players?

  • CamilaCast Member

    Simply put, the Camilinator is no stranger to controversial moves. Whether by accident or not, she tossed aside another Rival III team’s key during a challenge and then denied it (even when it was caught it on tape). Next, on Invasion of the Champions, Camila’s possible rogue streak continued to the misfortune of her friend (Cara Maria) when Camila wrapped her body in ropes in order to hang on longer. Camila will be a hard champ to shake off -- even in a house full of similarly scheming players.

  • Cara MariaCast Member
    Cara Maria

    Cara Maria is an all-around savvy competitor who knows the ins and outs of the political game. While on Cutthroat, the Battle of the Bloodlines winner leveraged her relationship status with Abram to swing votes in a nomination (subsequently saving her from elimination). She played the political game once again in Free Agents when she convinced another team to send Bananas into elimination. Cara Maria isn’t afraid to stoop low -- she’s even used fake tears to get what she wants. What dirty behavior will she pull this time around?

  • CoryCast Member

    The Battle of the Bloodlines and Invasion of the Champions finalist is often pegged as The Challenge’s resident ladies' man. However, behind his twinkling eyes lies a tactical mind, very capable of deceit and trickery. An example: During Rivals III, Cory was willing to betray his friendships that existed outside of the game in order to get ahead. He became notorious for pledging his allegiance to a number of opposing teams -- so is this trend going to continue on Dirty 30?

  • DarioCast Member

    Dario showcased his conniving tactics on Rivals III when he sided against his friend in favor of an alliance with a pair of vets. After convincing other teams to always vote the most powerful players into elimination, he went against his word -- and his partner Nicole's wishes -- when he turned around and voted in his own alliance members. Will Dario keep his word to his pals this time around, or will his true colors show once more?

  • DarrellCast Member

    Darrell is a two-time Golden Glove boxer with a short fuse. Remember when Brad decided to test Darrell’s patience during a drunken rampage on The Ruins? Well, the Real World alum got a taste of just how explosive Darrell can be. No matter how dirty the other players may get, they’d save themselves trouble by steering clear of setting off Darrell. So will the gloves stay on -- or come off -- in Colombia?

  • Derrick HCast Member
    Derrick H

    The Are You the One? Season 5 veteran took on the role of strategy master to help uncover the perfect matches -- even if it meant stealing someone else’s girl during a pivotal matchup ceremony. Despite pressure from the rest of the house, Derrick was determined to play his own game -- will his previous behavior continue on Dirty 30?

  • Derrick KCast Member
    Derrick K

    Derrick is an old-school cast member, and he's been biding his time before making his triumphant return to The Challenge. Always the scrappy little fighter, the Road Rules vet proved that he could be dirty when he was a part of the mob-like gang that double-crossed Paula on The Island. The stakes are high for Derrick, and he's stated he will do anything to secure a W for his son -- double-crossing someone included?

  • DevinCast Member

    The Are You The One: Second Chances winner is infamous for his mind games and masterful manipulation. During Rivals III, Devin rallied his alliance to take out the most powerful vets only to later betray his team to side with the vets. Then, on Second Chances, Devin picked off his opponents one by one -- and even left his perfect match Rashida wondering if she was safe. The Dirty 30 crew better be careful when making an alliance with Devin, because he will pinpoint every weakness in order to conquer the game.

  • HunterCast Member

    Hunter is often accused of playing with girls’ hearts to benefit from lust-fueled alliances -- and let's just say this Underdog knows how to work what he’s got. His muscular stature paired with a short fuse makes for an intimidating, ticking time bomb (just waiting for someone to hit detonate). When he won an impressive mission on Invasion of the Champions, Hunter wasn’t afraid to call out another player who doubted him. Who will set off Hunter this time around -- and will he be able to hold it together, or will he unleash his inner fury?

  • JemmyeCast Member

    Jemmye is known for more than just her loose lips and gossip tendencies. On Rivals II, when paired with her foe Camila, Jemmye didn’t hesitate to say how she’d rather let Camila suffocate between two inner tubes than hear her voice anymore. Challengers should be careful to share any intel with Jemmye because she won’t hesitate to hang out everyone else’s dirty laundry and secrets. Who will be her target on Dirty 30?

  • JennaCast Member

    Although Jenna is typically favored among the Challengers as the sweet girl-next-door, this three-time Challenge finalist has her nasty side too. She’s unafraid to throw out low blows when she needs to. On Bloodlines, she eviscerated her own partner/cousin Brianna -- and she isn’t afraid to tell anyone, family or otherwise, that she’s someone they can’t push around.

  • JordanCast Member

    The Real World: Portland export's most memorable moment was his bold move to pull all three cards to guarantee a head-to-head elimination with Johnny Bananas during Free Agents. Although he went home, Jordan’s tenacity proved that he will do anything to get the chance to face an enemy -- even if there's a risk of loss and ultimately bruising his ego. Will a showdown with an adversary -- prompted by Jordan himself -- unfold on Dirty 30?

  • KailahCast Member

    As a rookie on Invasion of the Champions, the Real World: Go Big or Go Home cast member waltzed in with zero intentions of making friends. When she found herself in the first elimination of the season, Kailah blew everyone away with her inaugural win and proved that she’s a competitor they don’t want to face when it's do or die. Kailah is quick to speak her mind -- and is more than ready to play as dirty as possible in order to win.

  • LatoyaCast Member

    As a Free Agents rookie, LaToya experienced the dark side of politicking when her close allies nominated her for elimination. Hurt and upset, LaToya vowed that if she came back, the competitors that crossed her would be sorry. By the time Invasion of the Champions rolled around, LaToya was ready to use all of her strengths to ensure her spot in the house (even when it involved someone else’s heartstrings). Will she be able to make it through Dirty 30 without ruffling any feathers?

  • LeroyCast Member

    Usually one to fly under the radar, the two-time finalist is not as innocent as he may appear. During Battle of the Exes II, after giving Zach the assurance that he would not throw him into an elimination, Leroy secretly met with Wes and made a deal to do just that. By blindsiding Zach, Leroy did as all dirty players do and kept himself out of the crosshairs. Is anyone (besides close ally Bananas) really safe around Leroy?

  • MarieCast Member

    On Battle of the Seasons, Marie’s rookie team was always a target. In order to save herself, she agreed to gang up on another team in a challenge. Later, when her other players tried to throw her team in, she tried to weasel her way out of it and was voted in anyway. Marie made her anger known by going on a tirade against the entire house -- so will the Dirty 30 cast incur Marie's potential wrath?

  • NelsonCast Member

    Throughout Invasion of the Champions, Nelson touted his loyalty to his alliance. But as the number of folks from his inner circle dwindled, so did Nelson’s devotion. In a three-way elimination, Nelson made a secret double deal: one with his best friend Cory and another with Shane. The knife in Cory’s back was just what Nelson needed to propel himself into the final.

  • NicoleCast Member

    Just like her spitfire cousin Nany, Nicole is not one to be messed with. On Rivals III, she defied her own blood by telling her partner about Nany’s secret alliance with another player. When Nany caught wind of her cousin’s oversharing, their blowup left behind a trail of mistrust. Without her cousin by her side on Dirty 30, Nicole will have to make her own alliances beyond familial ties.

  • ShaneCast Member

    The Battle of the Bloodlines rookie isn’t afraid to call anyone out, even his own big brother Tony. When Shane was sick of Tony’s poor attitude on Bloodlines, he stood up to his brother, and the two got into a shouting match that resulted in blows. Not just limited to family, sassy Shane is known to throw low blows on social media -- gossiping and calling out anyone who doesn’t keep it real. Will Shane be able to coexist with fellow dirty players, or will the claws come out?

  • SimoneCast Member

    The moment Simone entered The Challenge house, she made her presence known. During Rivals III, she called out Tony for starting a rumor that she wanted to have sex with him, and her ongoing fights with Ashley M almost got her kicked out of the house. One thing is for certain: Simone won’t back down when it comes to the game -- and her fellow Dirty 30 competitors better be warned.

  • TonyCast Member

    No stranger to controversy, the Real World: Skeletons vet has been making waves since the beginning on The Challenge. On the first night in the Bloodlines house, he not only cheated on his girlfriend back home but also got into a heated brawl with his brother Shane. The pinnacle of Tony’s bad-boy behavior came on Rivals III during repeated battles with his partner Camila, ultimately leading to a one-way ticket home for both of them. Can Tony walk away peacefully from a confrontation (like he did during Invasion of the Champions), or will his temper come back to haunt him?

  • ToriCast Member

    After her stints on Are You The One? and Are You The One: Second Chances, Tori has shown she is a genuine, well-rounded player who’s not only sexy but smart too. Although this is her first Challenge appearance, the newbie has the skills to take down even the best manipulators -- namely, her enemy Devin. Will she be able to use her politicking skills and avoid the rookie layup curse?

  • VeronicaCast Member

    Veronica is one of the original “bad girls” of The Challenge. With three wins under her belt, the Road Rules export knows how to play the game hard. She’s the queen of manipulating votes and has even encouraged her team to throw challenges in order to get rid of weak links. This old-school crème de la crème is ready to show everyone that despite her break from the series, she still has what it takes to dive deep, play dirty and sway a new generation of players to do her dastardly bidding.