Meryl Streep Is Learning Guitar, Like We Needed Another Reason To Love Her

There's nothing to dislike about any of this.

Ugh, Meryl! Do you realize that you just make the rest of us feel bad? Like, there's no way we thought you could ever improve upon your perfection but then you went ahead and did. You learned guitar. For a Diablo Cody movie. Because you're going to play a rockstar. Goddamn you!

That's right, Queen Meryl of Streep is set to continue to flaunt her musical prowess by following up the forthcoming "Into The Woods" with another song-and-dance number: playing a struggling rockstar in Diablo Cody's latest, "Ricki and the Flash." And it won't just be movie magic mimery that gets Streep through: the film's director Jonathan Demme is insistent that everything is performed live.

"Everything you hear, the band has to play and Meryl has to play," explained Cody. Piquing our crossover interest, she added: "You might hear some Lady Gaga in there." Oh of COURSE she'll play an aging rocker who isn't afraid to dress down a modern pop tune. Of course!

Streep will star in the film alongside her real-life daughter, Mamie Gummer, who plays one of Ricki's children, now-grown and dealing with the reality of having been neglected in favor of her mother's career that never quite took off. Sign us up, we're already on board — I mean, aren't you?

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