Feast Your Eyes Upon On Bruno Mars' Hilarious Birthday Masterpiece

18th century Chiaroscuros are HUGE for fall.


bruno mars oil painting

So, question: What do you get Bruno Mars for his birthday, when he already has an adorable dog, a gorgeous girlfriend and a perfect head of hair? Why not a reproduction of a famous 18th century oil painting that encompasses all three?

This is probably exactly what Bruno's manager must've thought when he commissioned a painter to reinterpret a 1786 painting of Anglican priest, poet and abolitionist Thomas Gisborne and his wife, Anne, originally painted by painter Joseph Wright of Derby. (The company that turns such dreams into reality is called Nobilified, and if you want to turn, say, your menagerie of pets into "The Peaceable Kingdom," I'm guessing they'll do that for you. It'd be kind of weird, but I'm just saying that it's possible.)

Joseph Wright Derby


It was cool of Bruno's manager to roam through what is surely Bruno's cavernous, palatial home (because anything less than royal would be unfit for our King) and stop and think, "This place is great, but you know what'd look even better above Bruno's mantle? Not a velvet picture of dogs playing poker. What's missing is a Chiaroscuro tribute to a famed British abolitionist and father of six. Except with Bruno, Jessica, and their dog, Geronimo."

Being rich is awesome. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to order up my own special little version of "The Creation Of Adam," now starring Bruno as God.

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