Wayne Coyne's Enormous Garbage Can Solo Cup Looks Promising

This looks ominous.

Much like new pal Miley Cyrus, it looks like Wayne Coyne will not be turning down for anything this Hangout Fest -- if the snap he recently shared to Instagram is any indication.

The snap we're referring to features the singer -- whom we saw checking out the Queens Of The Stone Age's headlining Hangout set Friday night -- holding what he calls "my giant solo cup for Hangout!!!!"

Gulp. Literally.

Sure, that's not really a Solo cup. It's clearly a garbage can, but it appears as though Coyne is ready to bottle up as much of Gulf Shores' waters as he can fit in this trash receptacle.

We've already seen what looks to be some rehearsal photos from the Flaming Lips' set Saturday (May 17), complete with a bloody muscle suit adorned with tinsel -- what we imagine Buffalo Bill's Christmas tree to look like.

Now, it seems, we know what kind of vibe the Lips are bringing to Gulf Shores, Alabama: Party.

Way to stay hydrated, Wayne!