29 Black Cosplayers Who Are Doing It Right

Black Cosplay Stay Winning!

Every year, New York City is graced with the presence that is Comic Con, and thousands of fans and nerds alike rush the streets ready to embrace geek culture like no one else. One thing is for certain: There is always room for more at the fandom table, and everyone loves seeing their favorite characters brought to life with a good ol'-fashioned cosplay.

Comic conventions like NYCC give cosplayers the perfect opportunity to dress to the nines and let their nerd flag wave free! In honor of the amazing cosplay examples that show up at cons all across the nation, here are some cosplay examples from the black community that are absolutely killin' it!

The Spider Nation

There's a Spidey for everyone!

Speaking of Spidey, don't forget the web-tastic Miles Morales

The feared bounty hunter, lady Boba Fett

Here to steal more than just your heart, I imagine!

The best tag team in town: "Superhero" Static Shock and Mr. Iron Fist himself, Luke Cage

Avatar Korra ready to bust it up

Seriously, don't mess with her. She does NOT look like no half-baked avatar, you feel me.

The "InFamous" superhuman Delsin Rowe reppin' Seattle, as one ought

Never forget punk rock Storm...

...or classic Storm, for that matter

The ever-regal Princess Tiana

...sans frog, of course.

The ~new~ Power Girl primed and ready for action

Don't forget this girl who's totally in a "League" of her own

A "League of Legends," that is.

X-Man Lucas Bishop never looked better

And he's rockin' that classic X-Men suit. #slay

Gender-bent Dr. Facilier makes evil look so high fashion

And this badass Ninja Turtle who's here to kick butt and take names


These couple of Street Fighters you definitely couldn't take on in a fight

And the gracious Queen Serenity, AKA mother of Sailor Moon, herself

Yasss queen!

Not one to be outdone, there's also human Luna

And the power couple of a lifetime


This Jubilee is obviously killin' it

No explanation necessary.

Sorry Supes, you gotta be careful with a girl like Rogue

Teen Titans are a go

Teen Titans featuring Aqualad, that is

The coolest way to represent the most sadistic uncle ever -- Scar

"Run away, Simba! Run away and never return!"

Catwoman is always a welcome sight


Hey Daria, let's chill and talk about pizza and humanity's flaws, or whatever

The most intense NightWing ever

Honestly, do.not.cross.him!

Misty, ready to catch 'em all

Sorry, Ash. Try to keep up, bb.

This powerful Man of Steel

Honestly, you and Thor should exchange some style tips.

This casual Kiki

NBD, off to do some witch stuff!

And this incredible sea goddess, Tia Dalma

"Calypso, I release you from your human bonds."