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13 Stunning Cosplayers Speak Out On Why Costumes Don't Equal Consent

Hands off.

It's officially New York Comic Con, which means a whole lot of extremely exciting things are going on: panels, parties, signings, a giant Velociraptor from "Jurassic World"... and of course, there's also the thousands of amazing cosplayers who annually swarm the Javits center, clothed head to toe in their nerdy best.

The dark side to the awesome cosplay at NYCC, however, is the fact that some Con-goers haven't really figured out the fact that it's not OK to touch, photograph, or otherwise ogle these cosplayers without permission. Sexual harassment at conventions has gotten to be such a problem that "cosplay is NOT consent" signs now adorn the halls of the Javits, letting onlookers know to keep their hands to themselves.

So, in celebration of self-expression and personal safety, MTV News hit the floor of NYCC to ask cosplayers to tell us: "My costume is not consent, because..."

Joanna Mari, Impa from "Legend of Zelda"

"...underneath the costume I’m still a human being. I’m a normal person, I have a job, I go to work, I have a family. The costume doesn’t make me any less of a person. I’m still me, you still have to ask permission to touch me or take a picture, or really anything."

Saraphina Cosplay, Mara Jade Skywalker

"’s for me."

Yvonne Crowley, Female Aquaman

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"...I put a lot of hard work into it, and it's mine."

Kristin Corrandino, Sailor Zelda

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"...just because I'm wearing something you consider to be skimpy, doesn't mean you can touch me."

Elise Lauren, Harley Quinn

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"...just because you can see it doesn't mean you can touch it."

Brandon Gilbert, The Joker

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"...I may be a guy, but you can't touch whatever the heck you feel like."

Oksana, Red Sonja

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"...I'm a human being, and my body belongs to me and nobody else."

Radine Hansfield, Razor from "The Crow"

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"'s my body and no one else can touch it."

Jamie Kolodziejczyle, Margaery Tyrell from "Game of Thrones"

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"'s my body, not yours."

Marisa Semioli, Mad Max

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"My costume is not consent just because I’m a girl."

Lady Devann as Cubone from Pokemon

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"...this is an expression of my creativity."

Nicole Salera as Squirtle from Pokemon

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"...I chose to wear it."

Shazel VeNessta as Razor from "The Crow"

Liz Ribuffo/MTV News

"...I’m a character from a graphic novel. Nothing more, nothing less.”