Lady Gaga Writhes In The Rain For 'Today' Show

Gaga performs a jazz standard, hits and her newest tune, 'You and I,' in Rockefeller Center.

According to the hosts of the "Today" show, 18,000 to 20,000 people showed up to see [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] perform on Friday morning (July 9). And even after waiting for hours in the heat, which was finally relieved by rain during the set, the crowd didn't seem disappointed by what their Mother Monster brought them.

Gaga jazzed up Rockefeller Plaza in a sequined, all-white suit and a bra complete with sparkly crosses. She began her set with the standard "Someone to Watch Over Me," and though she was accompanied by a full band, backup singers and dancers, the cover still displayed Gaga's vocal abilities. She then seamlessly segued into "Bad Romance."

Sitting at her piano, Gaga said told Meredith Viera hasn't gotten accustomed to being famous yet. "I haven't [gotten used to it], but I love and cherish my fans so much," she said. "I just want to say a big thank you to all of the television and radio and the underground clubs and the gay community for supporting me for the past three years. ... There's certainly things that are difficult to deal with, but the kind of fame that I cherish is the relationship I have with my fans."

When introducing her newest song, she explained the inspiration behind it. " [article id="1641989"]'You and I'[/article] was written about the most important person that I've ever met and all my friends downtown, Lady Starlight and Brian, who's here today playing trumpet, and all my friends, they're so wonderful."

And though the song is more restrained than many of her tunes, she kept it Gaga by donning a pair of disco-ball sunglasses.

After the commercial break, Gaga came out wearing a black suit and bra to sing her latest hit, [article id="1641161"]"Alejandro."[/article] In the middle of the song, she asked the crowd to "put their hands up for your gay pride." She later shouted, "Hands up, little monsters. I love New York."

In the pouring rain, completely soaked, Gaga told the skies to "let it rain" as she belted out the last few notes of her song "Teeth." She then crossed herself and took a bow with her backup dancers by her side. And with that, Gaga ended her epic "Today Show" performance.

In the hours leading up to her appearance, Gaga tweeted a message to the fans who camped out before the show. "My little monster sweeties are already camped outside today show!" she wrote. "I love u! Will be sending u pizza and water all day! And a surprise 2moro! Thousands of precious lil monsters are sleeping in street outside Today Show. May NY watchover u, + may u sleep smiling under the stars. Amen."

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