FKA Twigs Dances A Man To Death In 'Video Girl': Watch

Just in time for Halloween...

FKA twigs has one lethal voice -- literally. In her new video for "Video Girl," off of her debut record, LP1, twigs performs the jam to an audience of one: a man on death row slowly dying via lethal injection. Yikes.

The song was based on a pretty simple premise: FKA twigs (born Tahliah Barnett) previously found fame as a dancer in music videos, but after separating herself from that world she used to lie when people asked if she was "the girl from the video."

The video -- directed by Kahlil Joseph -- however, has a much darker premise. A lot more complex. Who is the man twigs is haunting? Did he murder her? Is she a ghost? Is that why he's on death row? And who is the other man -- the one with blood pouring from his mouth?

Oh, to see the world through twigs' Google Glass! Judging by this video, we imagine it to be a lot like that movie "Insidious."

Check out "Video Girl" below: