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Hear FKA Twigs Lie Through Her Teeth In 'Video Girl'

Jessie who?

FKA Twigs' entrance into the music world has been all about redefining herself -- from her moniker (which means "formerly known as twigs") to the newest single off of her upcoming record, "Video Girl."

The R&B artist (born Tahliah Barnett) -- before getting signed to Young Turks -- was probably best known for her roles in music videos for the likes of Ed Sheeran, Kylie Minogue and Jessie J. "Video Girl" is about separating herself, in a sense, from that experience.

"I wrote that very shortly after I stopped being a video girl," the British singer/producer told Pitchfork. "When I got signed, I stopped dancing -- I'd given up that part of my life. I would go out, and somebody would be like, 'Oh, I recognize you!' I'd hope it was because they’d heard my music, but they’d say, 'Are you that girl from the Jessie J video?'" The musician would always answer "no."

The trip-hop-tinged track sees Barnett's delicate voice wandering toward the robotic, spiderwebbing over an almost anxious thrum of sound culminating, oddly, in tinny strains reminiscent of a music box -- you know, the mechanism that forces a tiny, plastic woman to dance around and around. Yeah. You get it.

The jam, in addition to "Two Weeks" and its accompanying video, make FKA Twigs' LP1 one of the most anticipated releases of the dying summer. The record drops August 12.