Stephanie Pratt Looks Back On Her Teen Years In 'When I Was 17' This Weekend!

Seven years ago "The Hills" star Stephanie Pratt was in her high school prime, hanging out with friends and doing what she does best: being a total trouble maker!

So basically, not a whole lot has changed from then until now, but in a sneak peek clip of Stephanie's appearance on MTV's "When I Was 17" we learned that not only did she go clubbing with a fake ID, she managed to fool the bouncer into thinking she was married.

"All of my friends were 21 and going out to clubs on school nights and I wanted to go with them," she recalled. "So, I would get to clubs, and I had such a baby face at 17, and they'd be like, 'There's no way you're 27!' I had 'borrowed' my mom's cocktail ring and I used to wear it on my wedding ring finger and say to the doorman, 'You are just such an angel, I'm actually married' and they'd be like 'Oh, in that case, come on in.'"

You're going to have to wait till tomorrow morning to hear more of Stephanie's teenage antics, but until then, check out more pictures of her at 17 by clicking on the photo above!

"When I Was 17" — this week featuring Stephanie Pratt, Enrique Iglesias and Kelly Rowland — airs Saturday at 11 a.m. on MTV.