Austin Mahone Gets A Little ‘Freaky’ In His ‘Dirty Work’ Video: Watch Now

Oh, and he throws an epic office party.

Austin Mahone just gave a whole new meaning to "Dirty Work."

The singer just released the brand new video for his single, and in it, he pays homage to the TV series "The Office," turning a boring day at work into a full-on party.

"We were like, let's make a video where we are all stuck in an office, and we are all super bored and our boss keeps us over, and then he leaves and we have a huge party in the office," Austin revealed about the video's concept. "It's me and my coworkers, and we are running around and dancing and then there is this new girl that comes in, and I'm showing her around, and we like each other a little bit, and we are getting a little freaky in the boss's office."


Yes, that's right -- Austin takes full advantage of his boss being out of the office, the perfect excuse for getting a bit intimate with the new girl.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, his girlfriend Becky G hasn't seen the video yet, but he's sure "he'll hear about it."

"When we were shooting that part, it was real sexy, real intimate and then it was hard to get into the mood with 'Dirty Work' playing. So they are like, 'cut, cut, cut, we are going to try this again, but I'm going to throw you a curve ball,'" he explained. "And so they did it again and played this super sexy R&B song that was crazy, and so that made that shot a lot better."

It also probably didn't help that over 100 cast and crew members watched those sexy moments go down, including Austin's mom, which "was weird."


Much like the famed TV series, the video is cut with interviews of Austin's coworkers breaking the fourth wall -- the girls talk trash about the new girl, while the guys are all trying to make a move on her.


But there is one thing I was seriously wondering after watching Austin's video. No, it wasn't how many Slurpees he drank (it was "literally non-stop" BTW). It was if he really smelled like new envelopes, like one of his coworkers suggested.

"No, thats definitely not true," Austin said, laughing. "I don't smell like new envelopes at all. I like to wear a nice Gucci cologne."