Get A Sneak Peek Of Austin Mahone's 'Dirty Work' Video...In GIFs!

Austin turns this office into a serious party.

Austin Mahone has been teasing us non-stop about his upcoming new video for "Dirty Work."

We've seen him rocking his suit and tie, acting all boss-like. We've speculated that he may be bringing his alter-ego Dustin into the mix and we've seen him sip on a lot of Slurpees.

But guess what, Mahomies? We are here to tease you with even more goodness from Austin's video, so take a look at these 9 GIFs, which will hopefully hold you over until the video drops on Monday (July 27).

  1. Well, hello there, Austin.
  2. Is this how Austin picks up girls?
  3. Because it worked.
  4. Hair always has to be on point.
  5. Austin seems a bit bored...
  6. So let's turn it up!
  7. (Dirty) work those feet.
  8. Make it rain.
  9. Is it hot in here?