'Deadpool' Just Launched Its Oscar Campaign In The Most Deadpool Way

Holy $#*!, there’s a chance the Merc with a Mouth could score a Best Picture nomination

Deadpool, a filthy award-winning (and losing) movie, has a chance to do something no other superhero film has done before: snatch a Best Picture Oscar nomination from some small, dramatic film you may or may not have heard of. Seriously.

Not only did the record-breaking R-rated flick win a Critics' Choice Award and score a Golden Globe nomination (it lost to La La Land), it also, more importantly, earned a Writers Guild of America nomination and a coveted Producers Guild of America (PGA) nomination for Best Picture. That may not sound as prestigious as a Golden Globe, but films nominated for Best Picture at the PGAs tend to go on to score the season's highest honor: a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards.

Deadpool director Tim Miller also earned a Directors Guild nom for first-time directors — and it's important to note that a lot of the people who vote on the Oscars are part of these guilds.

TL;DR: Deadpool's rising momentum is huge for its underdog chances when the Oscar nominations are announced on January 24. So of course Ryan Reynolds, the producer and star of the film, found a way to capitalize on it.

On Thursday (January 12), Reynolds tweeted a hilarious "For Your Consideration" video for Deadpool that's sure to shake up the Oscar race. (If nothing else, it's a nice distraction from the frontrunner, La La Land, and the backlash against it.) With 10 potential Best Picture nominees — it's not guaranteed that 10 films will get nominated, only that a maximum of 10 can be considered — a critically and commercially successful film like Deadpool certainly has a shot, albeit a relatively small one.

Then again, the whole reason the Academy expanded the Best Picture field from five nominees to up to 10 was to include more commercial films like Deadpool. (I'm still not over The Dark Knight's snub in 2009.) And if the Oscars want to stay relevant, especially after suffering the show's lowest ratings in years in 2016, shouldn't more fan-favorite films like Deadpool get a chance?

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