Allison Williams Is The Musician Of Your Nightmares In 'The Perfection'

'You know what you have to do'

Netflix is bringing us a new movie with some total Black Swan vibes this May in the form of The Perfection.

The film, starring Allison Williams as Charlotte, is all about a musical prodigy who becomes eerily obsessed with musicians following in her footsteps from her old music school – like Elizabeth (Logan Browning).

The Perfection has a spine-chilling announcement trailer, where we meet Charlotte and Elizabeth for a moment, who are walking down what appears to be a deserted road. Elizabeth is totally freaking out, insisting there's something wrong with her. Charlotte seems undisturbed, telling Charlotte they have to get her to the doctor in a soothing, unaffected voice.

In one disturbing scene intermingled with additional footage later on, Elizabeth appears to have some sort of creatures wiggling around under the skin of her right arm after Charlotte "comforts" her.

"You know what you have to do," Charlotte murmurs as she reaches into a bag, pulls out a cleaver, and presents it to Elizabeth. Uh, what? Yeah, it looks like Charlotte wants Elizabeth to chop her arm off. That would definitely ensure she can't pursue a career in music any longer, right?

But it doesn't look like Charlotte's horrific offenses stop there. There's a barrage of sight and sound throughout the trailer that give us brief glimpses at what this crazed psychopath is apparently capable of. And perhaps one of the most unsettling things about this whole trailer of all is that Charlotte has probably done all of this before. Gotta look out for number one, right?

We love Allison Williams in villainous roles like these (remember Get Out?) and it looks like she'll have no trouble stepping into the shoes of someone unwilling to step aside and let another have the spotlight.

The Perfection is coming to Netflix on May 24.

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