Matthew Perry Is Attending The 'Friends' Reunion, After All (Sorta)

He's still there for you.

After news that an official "Friends" reunion would be happening on NBC, the collective internet lost its damn mind. If you thought there was already an overwhelming amount of "Friends" memes/GIFs/fan fiction online (no such thing, TBH) that number's only skyrocketed since learning the Central Perk gang would be together once again.

However, shortly after the happy news broke, one smelly cat had to go and ruin it for everyone. Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) announced he would not be joining the party because he hates joy he'll be in London rehearsing for his play, "The End of Longing." Needless to say, people were not pleased.

And because the internet is the internet, fans are convinced Reunion Ruiner Squad 2016 consists of Perry and Zac Efron, the latter of whom was the only main cast member of "High School Musical" to not attend the 10th anniversary. However, Zefron did record a pre-taped message that aired for fans during the reunion special. (It's not the same, Zac. You betroyed us.)

Since Perry and Efron are one in the same, thanks to the film "17 Again," it seems like Perry is following in Efron's footsteps. According to TV Line, Chandler Bing will be joining his fellow squad after all -- well, sorta. The 46-year-old actor will also be doing a pre-taped segment.

Since this reunion isn't a reunion episode, the pre-recorded route seems like the best way to go. The reunion is actually a two-hour special that'll honor famed sitcom director James Burrows, who recently directed his 1,000th TV episode. Besides the "Friends" cast, actors from "The Big Bang Theory," "Will & Grace," "Cheers" and "Frasier" will also be in attendance.

If you're still pissed at Matthew Perry for not being there IRL, at least this video of Perry answering "Friends" trivia will still be there for you.

The reunion special airs Feb. 21 at 9/8c on NBC.

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