Tori Kelly’s Single 'Hollow' Is Your New Heartbreak Song

Will someone please wrap Tori up in their love?

Tori Kelly is just looking for a little love.

On her brand-new single, "Hollow," a very emotional mid-tempo track, Tori begs to "fill up" her empty cup with love.

"I'm fragile and you know this/ So hold me, wrap me in love/ Fill up my cup/ Empty, and only your love could fill up my cup/ Because I'm hollow/," she sings on the chorus.

The song once again shows off Tori's impressive vocals as she smoothly navigates the heavy lyrics over a slow piano. The track gradually picks up speed as it incorporates drums and an intense foot-stomp that not only elevates the music, but heightens the emotion.

Tori recently revealed that this song has a close meaning to her since it's "connected to me and my faith" she said in a recent interview with Z100, and it is her "love song to God."

"Hollow" is the first single off the re-release of Kelly's debut album, Unbreakable Smile.