Miley Cyrus Never Wants Another One Direction VMA Matchup: 'Bitches Be Cray!'

1D leads the Best Song of the Summer category by 3 million votes, and Miley needs a distraction like Zayn's engagement.

The race is on for fans to cast their votes in the Best Song of the Summer category at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The winner will be declared on Sunday, but Miley Cyrus thinks she may have already lost it to One Direction.

"It would be dope. I never want to be in a category with One Direction ever again!" she told MTV News during rehearsals. Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" is trailing behind 1D's "Best Song Ever" video. And while her Smilers are dedicated to her cause, the Directioners have been turbo-voting for the boy band. As of press time, 1D's video has more than 6.1 million votes while Miley's video has more than 3.6 million votes cast. Smilers can vote with the hashtag #votemiley.

"I'm gonna just put my guard down and not be proud about that. Bitches be cray! They be cray!" she added about the sheer number of votes 1D has received. "I think I got lucky with [article id="1712940"][Zayn Malik] getting engaged[/article]. Maybe something will turn. That's like so crazy."

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Other nominated videos include Selena Gomez's "Come & Get It," Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding's "I Need Your Love" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."

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Regardless of whether she goes home with that Moonman after performing on Sunday, she noted that she feels like her "We Can't Stop" song and video is already a winner.

"I'm excited 'cause I feel like I've heard my song all summer long on the radio, so I feel like it's the song of the summer," she added.

In addition to the Best Song of the Summer nod, she's also up for Best Pop Video and Best Female Video. Miley will in the house when the VMAs go live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The pre-show is at 8 p.m.