OMG — Justin Bieber Just Revealed A New Hair Color

Considering fans have been camping out for over a day to see Justin Bieber perform on

"Today," we were expecting a lot from his appearance and, well, we weren't disappointed—dude debuted a new hair color!

While JB showed off a new style at the 2015 VMAs less than two weeks ago, he's already changed it up, bleaching it platinum—like, platinum—blond. While Bieber went platinum last December, it was fairly short-lived AND his hair wasn't as long and floppy, so, like, it didn't appear as strikingly white.

The looks that followed his initial dye job were varied—there was longer hair, a man bun, darker hair—it was a roller coaster of hair-related emotions.

Bieber's next hair move after this remains to be seen, but we're ready—nay, excited—for whatever comes our way.

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