Selena Gomez Isn’t Interested In Fake Friendships Anymore

Watch Sel reveal the biggest lesson she learned about friendship in 2016

Reigning queen of Instagram Selena Gomez continues to earn her title.

After making her Instagram Story debut over the weekend (during which she teased the prospect of a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion!), Sel moved on to the app’s live video feature to reflect on what she learned in 2016. It was a somewhat tumultuous year for the singer, who took a three-month social media hiatus after canceling part of her Revival tour to focus on her mental health. But Gomez seemingly emerged from the chaos with a renewed focus on positivity and meaningful relationships, as she recently explained.

“I would say the biggest lesson that I've been learning since 2016 would definitely be awareness,” she started. “I think it's really important to be aware of, like, the people that you're surrounding yourself with, the people that are purposefully the ones you are spending time with.”

Gomez went on to explain the importance of friendships that go deeper than surface-level — ones where genuine concern and care are shared.

“We go to dinner sometimes with friends, and sometimes we'll go to dinner and we'll leave and we'll think, That was such a pointless dinner. What did I learn from it? What will I gain from it? What was the point of it?” she shared. “And then other nights we'll sit at the table for five hours with friends ... [discussing] where you are in life. Like, where we are — we're constantly checking in with each other. Like, 'Hey, are you good? Are you good?’”

Gomez's friend behind the camera agreed with the singer’s reflections, adding, “It's super important to have those people that you can count on and rely on.”

Here’s hoping 2017 brings more good vibes (and solid squad time) for SelGo.

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