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Juvenile Imagines Soulja Slim As A Tupac-Style Hologram

'Just to be able to do that is crazy to me,' Juvie tells 'RapFix Live.'

After Tupac Shakur was further immortalized with a posthumous, holographic performance this past weekend at Coachella, many have wondered what other hip-hop legends might get the holo-treatment. The Notorious B.I.G., Eazy-E and Wu-Tang's Ol' Dirty Bastard are just a few examples of rap legends who were taken before their time; Soulja Slim is another.

"That was my 'Pac," Juvenile said of the New Orleans rap icon who was slain in 2003. "I told him that all the time: 'I think you're the greatest rapper in the world. It's a lot of things you just gotta straighten out outside of that.' "

Juvie pondered the possibility of seeing his old friend again onstage when he appeared on Wednesday's (April 18) "RapFix Live." Though he would love nothing more than to see his friend and collaborator get his just due, he did admit to being conflicted about using the holographic technology to bring Slim to the stage.

"I mean, that's a touchy one there. I don't know, man, because I'm so used to seeing him in a certain light, next to me, I put him on a pedestal," he said. "To see him in a hologram -- just for him to be put in a sentence with Tupac, I think it would be something good. I can't see nothing bad coming out of it. I think the advancement of technology is a great thing. Just to be able to do that is crazy to me."

DJ Khaled, also a guest on Wednesday's "RFL," marveled when he saw Shakur grace the Coachella stage. "When I see what Dre was doin' with 'Pac, I was excited," he said. "We love 'Pac. I thought it was special."

The charismatic DJ was OK with the somewhat controversial display because it was approved by Tupac's mom, Afeni Shakur. "As long as you talk to the family members and they co-sign it, then we salute it," he said.

Juvenile echoed that sentiment. "That's the same way I feel about Ms. Linda," he said, referencing Soulja Slim's mother. "Just knowing that Ms. Afeni had something to do with it, it's a good thing."

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