Let's Start An 'Idris Elba For James Bond' Campaign

The actor said he'd 'absolutely' play 007.

Listen, we're not saying it's time for Daniel Craig to put down his martini just yet, but when he does we've got the perfect replacement: Idris Elba.

The gruff and tough moody man actor took part in a Reddit AMA (short for Ask Me Anything) Q&A on Saturday in support of his latest film, "No Good Deed," where he addressed a long-speculated fan rumor about whether or not he'd tackle MI5's most notorious agent were the job offered up to him.

In short? "Yes, if it was offered to me, absolutely," the actor stated, causing fans of "Luther" himself to go all atwitter with adoration at the mere thought.

Which got us thinking — why stop there with obsessive love alone? Why not ask — nay, demand! — that Elba be given the role once Craig has decided to put an end to his 007 days? After all, he's more than prepared to take on the part.

He Can Kick Ass Like No Other

Even in a silly hat!

He's Brooding and Mysterious

He's Totally the Most Handsomest


He Looks Damn Good in a Suit

I mean...

He's Super Fit

...As Josh Horowitz already learned long ago: the man is IN SHAPE, a very important part of being Bond.

Fans Want It — Bad

Olukemi via DeviantArt

A cursory look over at DeviantArt and Tumblr confirm it to be so, thanks to dreamcasting fan art that's totally everywhere.


He said it so himself.

He's the perfect choice, you guys.

So who wants to start a petition with us? C'mon — he's clearly the only man for the role.

GIF Credits: Floflowelch-RP/Tumblr