Lil Nas X's Dizzying Grammy Performance Had BTS, A Kobe Tribute, And So Much More

You've never heard 'Old Town Road' like this before

If you've ever felt Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" to be overplayed, you might reconsider after seeing his Grammy performance. The ascendant rapper's appearance on Sunday night (January 26) was billed as an "all-star" extravaganza. Honestly, that might have been an understatement, considering all the stars who joined Nas X for his mega-rendition of the biggest song of 2019.

The dizzying rodeo began in a nondescript living room where a Kobe Bryant jersey was thoughtfully draped over a chair. Nas X strummed his guitar on the couch while launching into the beginning of "Old Town Road," but he wasn't alone for long. With a few energetic hops, he bounded into an adjoining room where everyone's fave K-pop superstars, BTS, were waiting for him (we've all had that dream before, right?!). RM took lead with his verse from the "Seoul Town Road" version of Nas X's hit, while the rest of the group chimed in with backing vocals.

Then it was on to a slime green-coated room inspired by Young Thug's remix, and then a ranch-style room where Mason Ramsey and Diplo joined in the fun. As Diplo enthusiastically strummed a banjo, the 13-year-old yodeler sang his twangy little heart out. And you'd better believe Billy Ray Cyrus was on deck as well, busting out his beloved verse from the O.G. "OTR" remix.

After one last chorus from Nas X and his entire, eclectic posse, the rapper pulled off a whirlwind costume change, reemerging in a floor-length trench coat that looked like something Neo would've worn in The Matrix. Without skipping a beat, he launched into "Rodeo" with one final special guest: the one and only Nas. Just when you thought you'd seen it all.

Lil Nas X's performance came after he took home his very first Grammy. Earlier in the night, he won the prize for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for his Cyrus-featuring version of "Old Town Road." The superstar is nominated for an additional five awards including Best New Artist, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year. No matter what happens, at least we know he has plenty of friends to party with after the show.

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